Sabrina Chacon-Barajas

As a first generation Latina I have found art to be empowering and a means for discourse and education. As an artist I explore social issues in the Latino community through illustration and mixed media. I graduated from Seattle Pacific University where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. I was involved with the SPU community as an educator on issues of race and reconciliation. During this time I was also able to work with incredible youth and I had the amazing opportunity of mentoring young female students from Mexico. I have a strong desire to combine the arts and social justice to empower youth. I dedicated my Senior Show to the strong individuals of the Latino community in the United States and my own mother’s journey as an immigrant. I was recently involved in building a holiday float with South Seattle students to celebrate the Day of the Dead. They were able to gain artistic and technical skills to better equip them as they begin thinking about college and career paths. Currently, I am also working with South Park Recreation Center as an Artist and Art Teacher.