Art 4 Life

You can utilize your passion for art, for success in your life. You can use your creativity toward an outcome.

The Framework

The Art 4 Life program addresses the need for equitable access to arts education career pathways. The foundation of the program is liberatory pedagogy which is inclusive of a culturally relevant curriculum, engaging youth voice, and valuing multiple perspectives. 

The pillars of the program are:

  • Social Justice
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Creative Practice
  • Career Connected Learning and Opportunities 

Students engage in projects that integrate elements of design through technology for storytelling in order to gain 21st Century skills of creative problem solving, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. The Art 4 Life curriculum offers arts, social justice, community and technological learning through teaching artist-led workshops in analog and/or digital art, entrepreneurship and digital storytelling, as well as professional experiences and performance opportunities to support students’ career exploration in creative and technology spaces. We are focused on creating an intersectional learning environment to ensure that all students are supported and able to be brave in the Art 4 Life community space. 

Social Justice from the beginner to the abolitionist engages a multitude of perspectives and possibilities. Art 4 life asks young artists to evaluate their identity, positionality, empathy and express themselves, their beliefs and passions. Social Justice asks us to look at our place in the world in a subjective and imperfect way, to begin to understand the connections and intersections of humanity. 

Community through Collaboration places value on collective effort, thought, experience, The ability to build in cohesion, to offer critical feedback for the purpose of growth and a mindset of care. We intend to reflect practices that are restorative in contrast to punitive while maintaining healthy boundaries that create brave and sacred spaces where creativity and appropriate risk taking can flourish.