Arts Corps Year 23 Annual Report: Mycelium

A definition of Arts Corps next to a definition of mycelium. Student art at bottom and drawing of morchella mushroom

Much like mycelium, Arts Corps is a vast network that includes teaching artists, colleagues, friends, families, and supporters spanning across our region and beyond. This expansive network serves as our anchor, reinforcing our mission and vision of igniting the creative power of young people through culturally engaging learning experiences and striving for a world where barriers to arts education no longer exist.



Arts Corps Year 22 Annual Report: Touch the Sky

Young people touch the sky every day in Arts Corps classes. From school day arts integration, to after-school enrichment, to paid teen leadership internships, our programming empowers young people to courageously explore their own creative power, to reach new heights previously thought impossible.

Touch the Sky


Arts Corps Year 21 Annual Report: Becoming Together

Every day in Arts Corps classrooms, teaching artists encourage students to push their boundaries of creative self-expression. Students take risks by trying new things. Many times they shine, sometimes they fail gloriously. Either outcome is celebrated equally.

Becoming Together



Arts Corps Year 20 Annual Report: Equity | Collaboration | Community

“Our Arts Corps programs gave our young people a safe space to be creative and to build self-confidence. Our TA built incredible relationships with our young people, and this created the space for them to learn.” — OST Program Partner

Equity | Collaboration | Community



Arts Corps Year 19 Annual Report: (R)EVOLVE

Artists are the resistance and by making art anyway, we are combating oppression and creating a better world. By making art anyway, we are telling our education system that our voice matters.




Arts Corps Year 18 Annual Report: Breakthrough


This is what we do as artists; we break rules, we break down barriers, we break through. This is what we strive to achieve at Arts Corps.




Arts Corps Year 17 (Annual Report): RISE

Annual Report: RISE

Oftentimes, when looking at the impact of policies or frameworks on education, youth are left out of the conversation. Arts Corps seeks to remedy that by inviting youth to work on our board, co-present at conferences, and work with the staff and teaching artists. Through the youth, we will RISE.

Arts Corps Year 16 (Annual Report): NEXT


After over a decade of leadership at Arts Corps, I have never felt more proud of what we have achieved, nor more excited for what comes next.

Arts Corps: Year 15 (Annual Report)


After fifteen years of providing transformative arts learning experiences in the Seattle area, the legacy of our work is clear: Arts Corps is a force in reshaping the culture of our city to one that is more inclusive, more creative and more just.

Read more about our impact in our annual report.

Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2014-2015

arts-corps-2014-15-report-executive-summary-copy-page-001-791x1024This year, 100% of teens surveyed rated their teaching artist as good or excellent. Read the executive summary of the report HERE.

Arts Corps: Year 14 (Annual Report)


What does it take to learn? To persist? To take a risk? Read about how Arts Corps is inspiring students to take risks and transform themselves and their communities in our annual report.

Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2013-2014


99% of students surveyed rate their Arts Corps class and Teaching Artist as good or excellent. Read the full evaluation report HERE.

Arts Corps: Year 13 (Annual Report)

cover_artscorpsyear13_2-224x300Proof is stories. Proof is data. Proof is replication. Proof is recognition. Read about why Arts Corps’ is proof that arts education works in our annual report.

Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2012-2013


Arts Corps delivered 36,199 contact hours of classes to students in 2012-2013, resulting in a 11% increase from the previous year. Read the full evaluation report HERE.


Arts Corps: Year 12 (Annual Report)


From dreaming to doing. Read all about it in Arts Corps’ annual report HERE.





Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2011-2012


Arts Corps delivered 32,673 contact hours of classes to students in 2011-2012, a 25% increase from the previous year. Read the full evaluation report here.


Arts Corps 2012 Summer Community Communiqué


Read all about what members of the Arts Corps’ community has been up to right here.


Arts Corps: Year 11 (Annual Report)

thumb_2011annualIntroducing Arts Corps’ new magazine and report to the community. Be inspired by how youth find their voice. Read the full magazine here.




Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2010-2011

thumb_2011evalArts Corps delivered 26,176 hours of classes to students in 2010-2011, helping to unlock the creative power of youth. Read the full evaluation report here.



Arts Corps’ Annual Report: 2009-2010

thumb_2010annualThis year, we spread our wings. Felt the wings of change. And rode a wave of creativity. Learn about the difference we are all making together.



Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2009-2010


Our impact doesn’t stop when classes end. Through more than 25,000 hours of powerful arts learning, Arts Corps’ is making a significant impact in the lives of thousands of youth. Read our recent evaluation report to see exactly how.



Arts Corps’ Annual Report: 2008-2009

thumb_2009evalArts Corps @ 10 Years. Read about our local model and how we are leading national change. As we embark on our tenth year, we celebrate our impact with our countless supporters, champions and partners.



Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2008-2009

thumb_2009annualRead all about Arts Corps’ impact in our 2008/2009 evaluation report. Program partners, teaching artists and students all site an increase in students’ practices of key creative habits: courage & risk-taking, imagining possibilities, and persistence & discipline.



Responding to Your Community Through Haiku

thumb_haikuDeveloped in conjunction with generous support from Sound Transit, Responding to Your Community through Haiku presents community members with a model for exploring their identities and neighborhoods. It offers an introduction to this traditional Japanese art form and corrects misconceptions created by the use of haiku in American education. It also includes prompts and examples to help readers begin to use this poetic form to reflect on their communities in the midst of change.


Arts Corps’ Annual Report: 2007-2008

thumb_2008annualInspired by the “Powerful Intersections” of art, education and social justice, the 2007-2008 annual report celebrates and examines vital relationships in the community that make up the Corps. Whether it is schools, teaching artists, donors, parents or students, Arts Corps has always brought together the strengths of our community to make powerful learning happen for all young people.



Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2007-2008

thumb_2008evalWe are proud to present our 2007-2008 program evaluation report by Mary Murray of MEM Consultants. This year, we reached more students and demonstrated statistically significant gains in students’ practice of creative habits of mind, meeting our mission of helping young people reach their full potential.



Arts Corps’ Annual Report: 2006-2007

thumb_2007annualHoning in on creative habits of mind practiced by Arts Corps students in the classroom, the annual report from the 2006-2007 school year illustrates deep, inspired learning through imagining possibilities, critical thinking, persistence & discipline, courage & risk-taking and reflection. It also contains a pullout piece featuring student visual artwork and poetry.


Arts Corps’ Evaluation Report: 2006-2007

thumb_2007evalWith the help of outside evaluation consultant Mary Murray of MEMConsultants, Arts Corps’ evaluation results reflect insight on program growth and quality, taking into account self-reports from students, parents, teaching artists and program partners, as well as classroom observations.

“Assessing Learning through the Arts”

A report by the Seattle Arts Education Consortium

thumb_consortiumIntended as the written counterpart to the film, “Powerful Learning through the Arts,” this summary report offers key findings around goals outlined by the Seattle Arts Education Consortium, a two-year project involving seven local, nonprofit arts education organizations. Findings from 2005-2007 include successes and lessons learned in evaluation planning & implementation, professional development for teaching artists, as well as arts education communications & messaging.

“Powerful Learning through the Arts” DVD and discussion guide

thumb_2007dvdAlong with their purchase of “Powerful Learning through the Arts” DVD, the region’s most potent arts education advocacy tool to date, passionate viewers can arm themselves with commentary, a film discussion guide and advocacy steps through the special booklet included with the printed DVD. Fitting for any arts education advocate, concerned parent or community member, this publication is relevant to any arts education situation.