Staff Spotlight: Saeko Keller

Saeko, a Japanese woman, holding a gray bird close to her face, a bush with pink flowers behind her

Saeko has been a crucial part of our team since 2020 and has done a lot of work behind the scene to keep us running and keep us improving, not to mention she’s helped create many fun and sweet moments. She will be leaving at the end of the fiscal year, but before she goes, we wanted everyone to have the chance to learn more about her. 

When did you start at Arts Corps?
I started working for ArtsCorps as a Bookkeeper in November 2020.

What do you do? What do you like about it?
I was promoted to Financial Manager in July 2022 and have been serving Arts Corps mission from that same position until now. I like to keep things in order, and by extension I like working in Bookkeeping. I get a lot of joy out of closing out the month by reconciling the numbers in the books each month.

Why is arts education important to you?
We all have at least one or two art forms that we are good at or prefer. They enrich our lives. Various forms of art allow us to express our inner feelings. They influence us, resonate with us, and play an important role in cultivating sensitivity and new ideas. I believe that art is an important element in our growth and evolution.

Has there been a piece of art which has had a positive impact in your life?
When I think what has impacted my life, I immediately think of Sayonara Galaxy Express 999, which I watched as a child.

What are some creative practices you like to do?
I find great joy in leaning and practicing interior design, gardening, and landscaping. I love to decorate my home space and the outside of my home according to the season and theme.

What is a positive memory you’ve made at Arts Corps?
The warmth of my Arts Corps colleagues is what I treasure most about Arts Corps. I love the laughter and cheerfulness of everyone when we get together. A few months, ago we had a board game day where we played Jenga and another game popular in Japan, and it was so much fun to see how seriously everyone took it. It’s fun and refreshing to get away from our normal work roles and play together like kids.

Saeko was born in Tokyo, and first visited the US at 17 as part of a high school study abroad program. She has worked in accounting for over ten years. She moved to the US permanently in 2015, when her husband retired from the Air Force. During her time off, she enjoys painting, interior design, and relaxing with her Shiba Inu.