A Message from Arts Corps’ Co-Executive Directors: Embracing Transition and Looking Ahead


Dear Arts Corps Community,

It is the celebratory season of graduations! Witnessing our students embarking on their next journeys fills us with immense pride and hope. Just like our students, Arts Corps is also going through our own season of transition.

As we reflect on the past year, we are inspired by the resilience and solidarity within our own Arts Corps family and our community. The co-leadership model that started at the beginning of 2023 guided us through turbulent waters, fostering support and unity among staff, board members, and our broader community. Together, we navigated challenges, emerging stronger and more determined.

As we gaze towards the upcoming school year of 2024-2025, we are filled with optimism and renewed purpose. Taking a moment to pause and envision the future, we aspire not only to sustain but to thrive. In this spirit, after careful consideration, we have decided to transition back to the sole executive director model, supported by a dedicated leadership team.

With a deep commitment to pay equity and organizational sustainability, this decision was made collaboratively by both Shawn and Naho. In reaffirming our commitment to pay equity and organizational vitality, restructuring becomes imperative. We assure you that Arts Corps remains steadfast and poised for success.

Following this transition, Naho Shioya, our devoted and committed Co-Executive Director, will be embarking on a new chapter, and will continue to serve Seattle with her dedication to the intersection of arts, education, youth development, and social justice. Shawn Roberts will continue to serve as our Executive Director, leading us with hard and smart work focus, vision and dedication, and will be joined by an accomplished   leadership team, , to foster collaboration and innovation.

Naho’s last day at Arts Corps will be July 5th

Let’s take this moment to celebrate and embrace the boundless possibilities ahead!

We look forward to the 2024-2025 school year filled with new possibilities.

In solidarity and anticipation,


Naho Shioya & Shawn Roberts

Arts Corps