Lester C. Pearson

I am 25 years young from South Seattle, WA. I graduated from Franklin High School in 2010 (Seattle, WA) and Bowdoin College in 2014 (Brunswick, ME). At Bowdoin I majored in Visual Arts with an interest in Graphic Design. When I am not teaching painting to the students at the Southwest Interagency . I mentor with MBK (My Brothers Keeper) students at Mercer Middle School. I am a part-time Uber/Lyft driver. I am a Freelance Artist (graphic design, painter, and photography). I chose to teach painting because painting is one of my passions that I have fallen in love with. What I know I want to pass onto the next person. “Each one, teach one” . I also always wanted to give back to the youth one day. I just want to see positive and successful things out of people.  It takes the youth to help the youth!