FREE Summer Arts Classes for Teens!


Three easy steps!

1) Download form by CLICKING: SummerAllAccessForm or pick one up at Arts Corps

2) Mark the classes you would like to sign up for

3) Submit form by Monday July 9th (to Arts Corps or DNDA office at Youngstown)

We’ll contact you to confirmation your enrollment!


CLASS CALENDAR — July 16th – August 10th

NOTE:  Each class meets twice per week. Must sign-up for both days.

Classes meet from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

(With the exception of Glee which will meet from12:00-2:00pm)



IN THE STUDIO Mondays/Wednesdays.  The recording studio will be open for youth in All-Access programming.  Use this time to record your own music as well as receive extra technical, musical, or creative writing assistance from YMI’s Cham Ba.

YOUTH SPEAKS WRITING CIRCLE Tuesdays/Thursdays.  Writers WRITE! No matter who you are, we all have a truth to speak and a story to share. Writing Circle is the best way to keep your creative currents flowing and to meet other writers from across the city. Each writing circle has free writes and fun exercises that allow us to push our boundaries as writers within a safe and encouraging space.

BREAK DANCE Wednesdays/Fridays.  In this class you will learn the importance of foundation – proper form and technique along with the history of the dance. In addition, you will discover how movements relate to rhythm and the significance of character in your dancing. While you expand your mind with knowledge of the b-boy/b-girl persona, you may produce or improve your own personal style.  Students with instruction and guidance will have the chance to test their limits with advanced innovative moves.

GLEE CLUB Mondays/Wednesdays is for youth who have past experience in intermediate group voice, theatre and dance. This class is designed for those who are interested in further developing their skill set, while incorporating these performing arts into one amazing venue.  Youth will also have the opportunity to collectively create original pieces as well.  So, if you love to sing, dance, and perform and are looking to take your skills to a new level, then Glee is the space to be!