Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam – Sweet 16!

2018_grandslam_pinon_115When you are out in the town, whether at a community event or at meeting, when someone says, “Youth Speaks”, you respond, “Youth Speaks!”.  And while it is fun to make someone stumble and pause in between their words when they say, “Youth Speaks” (Youth Speaks), it is actually calling on 16 years of a culture created by youth for youth.  The call and response of “Youth Speaks” (Youth Speaks) signals to the speaker that they are seen, heard and supported by folks that have felt that they were part of something much larger than themselves because of Youth Speaks (Youth Speaks) community.  When you start to catch onto the call you’ve accepted an invitation to be part of the rich history of Youth Speaks Seattle.

ig-artsedweek-mimiFriday, April 19, 2019 is the annual Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam. For 16 years, Seattle has sent a team of youth to the international festival, Brave New Voices to metaphorically set fire to stages across the United States to show other cities that Seattle has some things to say too.  We can’t stop, and we won’t stop now.  But this show is more than just a competition to determine a team, this is a showcase of young people and the power of their storytelling.  Ten youth will tell stories of survival, of love, of hope, of calling someone or something out or just telling us how they see this wonderful but hella messed up world of ours.  I invite all of you to see them, hear them and support them.  Honoring the legacy built by the youth of Seattle, we will feature singer, songwriter and community organizer as well as Youth Speaks Alumni, JusMoni.  Our featured DJ is Stas Thee Boss, who is a town favorite, legend and longtime friend and supporter of Youth Speaks. 

Another call and response we use at Youth Speaks (Youth Speaks) is “The Youth Right Now Are the Truth Right Now!”.  Can’t we all use some truth from some of the most brilliant minds in our city?  Come through to the largest youth poetry event in the 206 of the year. 

When I say Youth Speaks, you say Youth Speaks…

Youth Speaks



The 16th year of the Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam will take place on April 19, 2019 at King’s Hall (2929 27th Avenue South, Seattle) at 6:00pm.


Contact for discounts on groups of five or more youth.