Make some cents!

Find some cents, will ya? Literally. Like, on the sidewalk or in a couch.  We found 80 cents hiding at the office.  See:

The physical Arts Corps office space donated!  And now, you can too!  So, here’s the challenge-

1) Go digging for change wherever it’s free to be harvested.

2) Snap a pic and post on our FB page the picture, the amount, and where you found it.

3) Drop by the office and add your cents to our cents so we can make a bunch of cents!

We are launching the Make Cents campaign to raise funds for Youth Speaks Seattle to send the Youth Slam Team to the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam & Festival.  If your more comfortable paying with plastic, click to link to our online campaign.

Every cent adds up to hella cents.  So go and MAKE SOME CENTS already!



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Letter from Hannah, Age 9

May 2nd is Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG one-day charitable giving event and we wanted to let you know that Arts Corps is over-the-moon about any gifts of any size.  Below is a letter that accompanied a donation by 9-year-old Hannah who collected funds for Arts Corps on her 9th birthday in lieu of receiving gifts for herself.  We were deeply moved and asked Hannah and her mom for permission to share our gratitude and her sentiments below.

If you feel inspired to give on May 2nd, please do so via the link to GiveBIG to Arts Corps. Your gift will be stretched further thanks to The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG sponsors, who will match a share of every contribution.




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