Volunteer Spotlight: Angela Xun

A Chinese woman in her 20s, Angela, looks off to one side with the skyline of Seattle behind her

Arts Corps is happy to welcome our newest volunteer, Angela Xun! Angela joined us at the start of this new calendar year and was quick to jump in, helping us with events and communications. She wrote a little about herself so we can all get to know her better:

Hi! I’m Angela (she/her), a senior majoring in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies at the University of Washington. I have been a big fan of arts and media from my early years in the orchestra and later college time in dance teams. The loving and supportive environment that the dance community has provided during my college years encouraged me to foster a culture as open and nurturing as the ones I had experienced. In return, I decided to learn and support arts education and to be part of the arts community while incorporating my major in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies. The diversity, equality and inclusion perspectives that Arts Corps holds resonate with my studies by providing practical events, behaviors and systems in advocating youth arts education and eliminating barriers on art accessibility. 

Arts education was crucial to me throughout my whole life. In my K-12 period, playing the flute and piano in an orchestra fostered my interest in classical music and concerts. During my college years, minoring in Dance and living in an art-rich community has encouraged me to embrace transnational art cultures. In this loving community, I choreographed an experimental dance piece, blending street style and contemporary as a reflection on my dance journey.

As globalized as the world is becoming, we have the chance of exchanging art cultures and values between countries, artists, musicians, filmmakers and many others. With the growth of NGOs like Arts Corps, young people can gain more access to arts education and gain more opportunities to be inspired, like Joe Hisaishi’s youth interview.

One of my favorite dancers who has continuously inspired me is Bada Lee(ins@badalee__). Not only her style but also her technique, texture and the way she listens to music are inspirational and pleasing to watch.

I’m very excited to be part of Arts Corps and willing to be involved and incorporate my studies into praxis!

We’re excited to have you in our team, Angela!

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