Eduardo Mendonça

Eduardo Mendonça — multi-talented musician, producer and composer — is a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Mendonça received his degree in arts education from the Music Institute of the Catholic University of Salvador and has performed for former South Africa President Nelson Mandela, Brazilian President João Baptista Figueiredo and Pope John Paul II. In 1991, Mendonça was featured in Paul Simon’s music video, “Born at the Right Time.” Eduardo is founding member of Arts Corps, Artistic Director for international performance ensemble Show Brazil!, and heads his own Kirkland-based company Show Brazil Productions, which promotes Brazilian culture and provides Portuguese voice-over talent for CD-ROMs and videos exported to Brazil. Eduardo is a voting member of the Grammys and 2007 winner of “Outstanding Brazilian Male Singer based in the U.S.” by the Brazilian International Press Award. Eduardo Mendonça received from the Congressman Jim McDermott the 2009 Ethnic Heritage Council “Spirit of Liberty Award”, as recognition for his outstanding contribution to his adopted country, the U.S.A., while maintaining his ethnic heritage.