Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Seattle Public Schools Community Partnerships Program is collaborating with Arts Corps on two workshops this year: Creative Approaches to Classroom Behavior, and Increasing Inclusivity and Belonging Through Creativity. These workshops are for teachers, school staff, teaching artists, administrators, or any one else interested in learning more about using the arts as a catalyst for creativity, increased sense of belonging, classroom management, and engagement.

Check out our workshop descriptions below, and view the full professional development calendar HERE.


Creative Approaches to Classroom Behavior

11/29/18 10:00am

Intended audience: Managers or coordinators and frontline youth workers

Location: Rainier Beach Library P1

Every educator has experienced students disrupting class – moving their bodies, talking loudly, interrupting peers and teachers. Often those students are directed to sit down and be quiet, or sent to the office. In this workshop we will explore the science of why young people disrupt class, the ways disruptive behaviors are linked to their environment, and how the arts and creative processes can be a conduit to meet our students’ Maslovian needs and address challenging behaviors in the classroom.

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Increasing Inclusivity and Belonging Through Creativity

1/8/19 4:00pm

Facilitated by: Arts Corps

Intended audience: Managers or coordinators, frontline youth workers, classroom teachers, and classroom/school support staff

Location: 2100 Building Art Room P1

Increasing inclusivity and belonging through creativity:

Join us for an exploration of youth development through hands on activities that positively impact students’ sense of belonging and promote inclusivity in a classroom or out-of-school-time program. In this workshop, Arts Corps teaching artists and program staff will lead participants through an exploration of strategies for using creativity to foster positive mindsets across programs, age groups and venues, and the role creative youth development plays in achieving greater justice and equity in education

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See the full professional development calendar HERE.