The Notorious Give B.I.G.

On May 9th, Seattle Foundation hosts Give Big, the largest day for online giving in King County. This is also, reportedly, the final year of Give Big. This, coupled with the fact that Arts Corps is a socially just organization that wants to highlight collective impact happening in our community, we are going to do something different this year.

Instead of promoting Arts Corps, we want to promote organizations that are:

  1. Mission aligned
  2. Partner with Arts Corps
  3. Don’t have a full time development staff that does most of the work for Give Big

Sooo, please RISE to the occasion, and show these organizations some love on May 9th!

Reel Grrls empowers young women & gender non-conforming youth to explore, critique, and author media through a feminist lens.

Totem Star amplifies and empowers youth voice through music production and performance to strengthen life skills in leadership, civic engagement, and community building.  

the Service Board (tSB) mentors youth to conquer personal and cultural challenges through outdoor adventure, environmental and social justice education, and public service. 

The Vera Project fuels personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and