Taking a Moment to Recenter

A few weeks ago, Arts Corps’ staff members embarked on a short journey to the land of tall trees, rocky rivers, and tree houses! Away from the hustle and bustle of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, we were able to reconnect and recenter. We reflected on staff culture, social justice, hopes for the future, AND how to take over the world with art (naturally).

Our Education Director, Tina LaPadula, captured some great moments during and after our solo reflection walk, which was organized by our Creative Schools Initiative Program Manager, Hillary Moore. The walk gave us a chance to think about where we are as an organization and where we want to go. Enjoy!

From left to right: Elizabeth Whitford, Hillary Moore, Shelby Handler and Devon de Lena


From left to right: Omana Imani, Eduardo Mendonca, April Heding, and Bernadette Scheller


Leslie Collins


A special thank you to our supporters at Treehouse Point for letting us use their beautiful space!