Art 4 Life Summer 2023

Arts Corps is pleased to offer youth in the 9th-12th grades this paid arts internship opportunity. Earn $300 for the engaging work of expressing your passion through art. Explore zines*, posters, and print making. Got something to say? Shout those thoughts to the world through multiple art mediums.

*noncommercial publication devoted to specialized and/or unconventional subject matter.

The Art 4 life @ CAM internship offers skill building in a variety of traditional mediums, including drawing, printing, zine making, and more.

  • professional experiences and career paths in creative and technology spaces
  • presentation opportunities
  • $300 stipend upon completion of internship

We are committed to creating an intersectional learning environment to ensure that all students are supported and able to be brave in the Art 4 Life community space.

Graphic for Art 4 Life Internship. Give brief description, location at Common Are Maintenance, date July 17-21, and link


High school youth interested in art. No experience needed.  



    • Arts Intensive with dope master teaching artists (learn more about Arts Corps TA’s here:
    • $300 stipend upon completion of the program
    • A community of peer collaborators
    • Professional development
    • Leadership and exposure to industry professionals
    • Community of artists

Application process schedule:

    • Applications due: SUNDAY, JUNE 25TH 11:59 PM
    • We will notify you MONDAY, JUNE 26TH if you are invited to interviews
    • Interviews will take place ON JUNE 30th, JULY 1st, and JULY 2nd in the evening hours
    • Acceptance will be confirmed on JULY 3rd