Let’s Get Rollin’!

Recruit 4 friends and make your dream team!

  • Remember, nothing spells “creativity” like costumes.
  • For more info, visit: www.crowdrise.com/rollathon
  • Ask your community to help you reach your goal!
  • Feb 9th, we all celebrate with an epic skate-stravaganza including prizes and performances!
  • Questions? Contact Rita at 206.722.5440 x 114


Signing up your team is just like you on skates: super speedy!

1) go to www.crowdrise.com/rollathon

2) Click button on the right that says “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS EVENT”

3) Choose either: Join an existing team or Create a new team and fill out the fields

4) Don’t forget to upload a photo of your beautiful self!

5) On your new team page, click “Invite Team Members” and “Ask for Donations”


CLICK HERE for the Fabulous Costume Guide


Q: I’m more of an in-line kinda skater, are rollerblades permitted?

A: Why, yes, yes they are. However, only roller skates are available at the rink so you’ll have to bring yer own blades!


Q: What if I don’t have a team name yet?

A: Sign your team up and you can always change your name if you think of something more clever!


Q: I have a team page on crowdrise.com, now what?

A: Copy and paste this paragraph and email to your fan club and watch your team move up on the leaderboard!


Hi Friend!

I am participating in Arts Corps’ Rollathon February 9th to benefit its teen programs Youth Speaks Seattle and All Access Classes, FREE programs for teens to develop their creativity because…<<INCLUDE A WARM & FUZZY REASON FOR YOUR PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT>>. To learn more about these programs visit artscorps.org.

So here’s where you come in! My team and I are exercising our own creativity by dressing up as…<<GIVE A HINT, A DESCRIPTION, OR INCLUDE A PHOTO!>>

We are collecting pledges and I would love if you could support me in reaching my goal by pledging… <<ENTER A DEFINITE AMOUNT YOU ARE REQUESTING>>

Thank you for supporting creativity, our community and young people!




Q: I sent my email and I’m kind of an over-achiever, what else can I do?

A: A few years ago, there emerged this magical thing called social media and we invite you to smack-talk via twitter, posts photos to our facebook page of yourself from previous decades doin’ your roller thang and whatever else you can think of to help build the excitement for what we promise will be a memorable event.