An Exquiste Corpse

Teaching Artists, Board and Staff Inspirational Reflections from the
September 25th -26th , 2010 Retreat…

Sweet community, beautiful insights.

It is always good to see teaching artists,
board members and staff getting together,
having fun, working together in one place at one event.

Re-energized by the beloved community

Big ideas and love-
the best barn dance ever
fuel for the fire
comfort in the family of art.

My heart needs permission to love itself.

Because of the part that feeds the soul,
the whole feeds the arts.

Accountability needs community
community needs possibility
creativity is and art of life,
–this is Arts Corps

I am inspired to continue my betterment as a teacher,
person, and human being because of the
encouragement and nourishment of my arts corps family.

Reminder of why I am here and why I love it so much.

Life is not significant
unless you impact
peoples live’s.

Reaffirmation and commitment to personal
and collective creativity.

not just to love beauty
but to be Beauty.
My hearts beauty was excavated and set free.

Reflection and communion bring dazzling energy
and inject intention so we will shine brighter.

It is greatly renewing to share the presence
of this bright and spirited group of insightful visionaries.

Passion and excellence braided
into a satisfying
warm loaf of bread…
food for the soul,
loaves for the masses.

I found beauty in the fear.

blue sky,
excellent sharing,
full moonlight,
last warm summer night,
soft, misty morning rain,
in community reflection.

The stars retained their brightness as the moon rose through the trees
and the wisps of clouds encircled our intentions.

Close and closer,
feeling the heat of breath
in the words we use
to try to feel ourselves to
each other.

Lucid and magical exchange of experiences.

I have found a professional family—-
we are building more homes for our growing family;
my hammer is mighty.
It’s good to be inside and apart of this circle.
my heart is full of love and fire.
my brain is full of light and stars.
I am great. I am full.
Thank you.

If I could be,
I would chose to be me
In a world that is free,
And encourages creativity.
Arts Corps—We BE!

Let’s just live here!!!

Exquisite corpse is a collection of words or images from many collaborators that are put together into one piece.

All photos (c) Susie Fitzhugh.

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